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a destination
that's all about the
joyful journey
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To spend a few days in St. Kitts with your sweetheart—
there’s nothing quite like it. Let each day’s agenda unfold naturally, according to your whims.
Settle into a slower pace
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Find moments of wonder
big & small
In a heart-stopping vista or in the quiet smiles exchanged over dinner.
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come find me
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Hold each other
in a newLight

discover a sweet & subtle romance

Attraction happens quickly, like two magnets snapping together in the palm of your hand. Love is slow and intentional. In St. Kitts, your days will flow freely through the full spectrum. Our love is a subtle force, its pull is irresistible.

Here, peace and quiet are the ultimate local luxury. There’s a stillness to 18 miles of shoreline, quiet villages, and historic ruins now reclaimed by nature. A grounded awareness of the opportunities for romance that exist right in front of you—like a shady spot under the violet bougainvillea.

St. Kitts is an invitation to play, to be liberal with your joy and hold none of it back. Give in to a shared sense of wonder, discovery and re-discovery.

The Highlights

North Side

The quiet side. Take a drive with the top down and find a sunny spot to pull over. Dive in and out of conversation with each other, pausing to listen for a soft breeze and a birdsong.


Belle Mont

Kittitian hill

Island life and resort-style convenience coexist at Kittitian Hill, where quality time together can look different each time. Think morning yoga, a picnic on the farm, and private massages.

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Horseback Riding

Embark on a guided horseback ride through mountain trails lined with local flora. Arrive at an open meadow overlooking Basseterre and enjoy quiet time with your gentle companions.

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Sunset Reef

A beachfront resort with vistas of the Caribbean Sea, Sunset Reef is an ideal spot for limin’. Nourish your body with fresh fruits and organic vegetables from the garden.

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Southern Peninsula

Take your drive down toward the narrows running between St. Kitts and Nevis. Hang your hammock between two palm trees and romance the dream of a life lived slowly.


Spice Mill

Feed each other a plate of Cockleshell Bay’s famous conch fritters and sip on rum cocktails infused with locally grown hibiscus spirits. Then, race to the shoreline for a swim under the last bit of daylight.

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