Getting Around

Caribbean vacations offer travelers a chance to experience a whole new way to get around. When you visit St. Kitts, you'll find plenty of new and exciting ways to explore. From bike rentals to mini buses, we have just about every means of transportation imaginable for land and sea adventures. Don't miss favorite island attractions like historic Romney Manor, Brimstone Hill Fortress, and St. George's Anglican Church. Tired of driving? Hop aboard the St. Kitts Scenic Railway or our famous ferry, connecting the twin islands of St. Kitts and Nevis, for two of the most memorable experiences you'll have in the Caribbean islands. 

If you prefer to maintain your independence and explore St. Kitts on your own, simply rent a vehicle of your choice from any of the companies listed below. Vehicles range from luxury cars and vans to SUVs and motorbikes. When making your reservation, ask about the convenient airport pick-up.

Please Note: It is necessary to obtain a driver’s permit before you are allowed to drive in St. Kitts, even if you have an international driver’s license. The permit costs $62.50 XCD (US $24) for three months or $125.00 XCD (US $45) for one year. It can be obtained from the Traffic Department, or facilitated through the rental agency. Remember that in St. Kitts, we drive on the left hand side of the road. While driving around our island, kindly adhere to the speed limits, abide by all other local traffic laws, and remember never to drink and drive. We want you to enjoy your vacation safely and responsibly. Also, seatbelt use is mandatory. Ask your car rental agency about including a child seat, should you require one.

ABC Car Hire Avis Rent-A-Car Bullseye Auto Rental

Frigate Bay, St. Kitts
Tel: 869-466-9284
Fax: 869-667-9924

Box 45 Bay Road
Tel: 869-465-6507
Fax: 869-466-6846

Birdrock, St.Kitts
US Line: 214-257-0553
Local Tel: 869-465-5656
Local Cell: 869-663-1168

Hertz Car Rental IAS Auto Rental Ken’s Rental

St. Kitts Marriott Resort, Frigate Bay
C.A.Paul Southwell Industrial Park, St. Kitts
Tel: 869-465-7822


Bird Rock Commercial Dev
Box 1082
Tel: 869-465-4416
Fax: 869-465-9432

Crab Hill
Sandy Point
Tel: 869-465-3706

Thrifty/TDC Car Rentals    

CAP Southwell Industrial Park 
Box 142
Tel: 869-465-2991
Fax: 869-465-8855

Explore the lush paradise of St.Kitts on the back of a semi automatic, easy to use All Terrain Vehicle. If you are a fun, adventurous and outgoing person, this is the way to get around for you.

Sunny Blue Scooter Rentals Caribbean Journey Masters

Bird Rock
Mobile: 869-664-8755

Island Paradise Commercial Complex
Frigate Bay
Tel: 869-466-8110
Mobile: 869-669-5843

Local transportation is available via mini-bus or taxis. Fares are available from the airport dispatchers, the Circus in Basseterre and from your hotel front desk.

Note that there is a 50% surcharge between 10 PM and 6 AM.

For more information on the rates to and from different routes around St. Kitts, please click here.

Ferry Service

The ferry ride between St. Kitts and Nevis takes about 45 minutes and provides beautiful views of both islands. There are six ferries operating between the islands: MV Caribe Queen; MV Carib Breeze; MV Carib Surf; MV Mark Twain; MV Sea Hustler and the Sea Bridge. These vessels work together to provide service, between Basseterre and Charlestown, leaving from the Southeast Peninsula and transporting vehicles to Nevis and back.

The one-way fares are as follows: Adults: XCD $25.00 incl XCD $1 tax (USD 10.00); Children under 12 years old: XCD $15.00 (USD 6.00).

View St. Kitts-Nevis Ferry Schedule


Water Taxi

A water taxi is a chartered service that provides trips from St. Kitts to Nevis and vice versa. The ferries operate from Reggae Beach Pier at Cockleshell Bay and at Christophe Harbour’s Marina. Operations on Nevis are from Fort Seasons Pier and Oualie Beach. Duration of each trip are between 10-15 minutes. Water taxis can be hired to make runs at times that charters to your schedule.

Currently all water taxi pickups from St. Kitts are being conducted via Christophe Harbour Marina. Fees $20 US per person. Charter $80 US 1-4 persons.

To book your water taxi, contact:

Islander Water Sports    

Oualie Beach, Nevis
Contact Wincent Perkins
Cell: 869-662-7081



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