Fairview Greathouse and Botanical Gardens

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Boyds Village

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Fairview Greathouse and Botanical Gardens  | StKittsTourism.kn
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Fairview Greathouse and Botanical Gardens  | StKittsTourism.kn
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18th century Great House

View the majestic Dining Room and our breathtaking panoramic scenery of the Caribbean Sea, South-East Peninsula and our sister island of Nevis from our balcony of the Master Bedroom.
The cobblestone courtyard leads you to the original kitchen building with its volcanic stone and brick oven; the original bathing area, with its large sun warmed volcanic stone bath and the stone bridge that leads to our lush Caribbean Botanical Garden filled with exotic plant species. Our apairy gives a first hand experience of bee-keeping which we also use to extract honey for our gift shop and restaurant.Exchanging your vows in a charming setting like our Botanical Garden is the perfect choice. The meticulously landscaped tropical garden and stunning views, offer great photo opportunities.


  • Tour of Fairview Great House and Botanical Gardens
  • Rum Tasting Tour
  • Cooking Expedition Tour
  • Day Pass at the Pool
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