Top 5 Ways to Keep Your New Years Resolution in St. Kitts

It’s hard to believe we’re a month into 2019 already. If you’ve managed to keep your New Year’s resolutions this long, we applaud you! We’ve also got your back; no matter what your resolutions are, there are plenty of ways to keep them while traveling to St. Kitts.






1. More Travel

Looking for places to visit in 2019 where you don’t have to spend too many precious vacation days just to get there? St. Kitt's isn't just easy to enjoy — it's also easy to arrive. Finding which airlines fly direct to St. Kitts is a breeze; while those living along the East Coast and in Canada have enjoyed nonstop service for years, uninterrupted flights are now available for those traveling from the Midwest. While those who live along the east coast of the US and Canada have enjoyed nonstop service for years, we’ve now made air travel just as easy for people in the mid-west. Every Saturday now through April 20, 2019, Sun Country Airlines will serve St. Kitts nonstop from its Minneapolis hub. So, stop dreaming of your next island getaway and start traveling! St. Kitts is calling and your flight awaits.

2. Getting Better Value

Everybody wants greater value out of their vacation. Look no further than St. Kitts, as we have a special offer on travel this winter that’s specifically designed to help you enjoy more! Whether taking the kids on a family vacation, cozying up with your significant other or even taking a fun trip with friends, our Change Your Latitude offer includes free nights at participating hotels with savings of up to 40%. Plus, you'll receive a Value Card at check-in with exclusive island-wide savings on tours, activities, shopping, dining and more. Simply book by April 22 for travel now through April 30 to take advantage of this steal of a deal.


3. Eat Healthier

Sticking to a diet is particularly hard when you’re on vacation. When you want to sample different local dishes and there are many different restaurants to choose from, it’s a challenge to keep those healthy eating habits going. Fortunately, we’ve got plenty of places to dine out where you can do just that! Restaurants on St. Kitts offer impressive variety; not only do most spots serve lighter fare, but others are also dedicated to preparing flavorful organic food. Taste the Caribbean, vegan and vegetarian dishes at Ital Creations at Fari Organic Farm, a local family-owned kitchen right in Basseterre where you can eat healthy in authentic island style and even try an afternoon Yoga session with a certified teacher. Or, venture up north to The Kitchen at Belle Mont Farm where the chef prepares regionally-inspired cuisine with ingredients fished, farmed and foraged from the surrounding ocean and land. Your waistline will thank you when you get home!

4. Get in Shape

For everyone who resolved to eat healthier in 2019, we’re betting there are plenty of you who set some new fitness goals, too. But just because you’re traveling there’s no excuse to fall out of your exercise regimen. In fact, you can spice it up even more with various ways to get your work out done in St. Kitts! If gym sessions are your thing, most hotels on the island offer fitness centers with a variety of machines and weights. Or, change it up and take advantage of the warm Kittitian weather by taking your routine outside with the many activities and excursions to choose from. Go hiking up the slopes of rainforested peaks, sign up for stand-up paddleboarding, climb the steps to the top of historic Brimstone Hill fortress or simply go for a vigorous swim in the crystal-clear blue waters at the beach. No matter your preference, you can keep your performance level high on your next visit to St. Kitts.


5. More Time with Family & Friends

What makes St. Kitts the most beautiful island in the Caribbean? Its landscape; its people; but most importantly, its memories. By getting away with your loved ones, you can create lasting impressions you'll all treasure long after you've returned home. So, call your nearest friends or pack up the whole family and plan your next getaway to St. Kitts together. Because the island has retained its authentic natural beauty, offers unique attractions and tours and has a genuinely welcoming culture, there are innumerable things you can do with your loved ones here that you couldn’t anywhere else. Gather up your entourage and go limin' (the Kittitian way of kicking back and hanging out) on the Strip, taste mouth-watering and fresh West Indian cuisine, step back in time with a ride on the Caribbean’s only passenger train, The St. Kitts Scenic Railway, learn how batik is made at the Caribelle Batik factory, or marvel at the sprawling views from Brimstone Hill. You’ll feel reconnect and refreshed in the best way imaginable.


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