Love St. Kitts

What’s not to love about the island of St. Kitts? The rolling landscape is a thousand shades of green, the waters are a tranquil shade of turquoise, and life on this precious gift of nature is sweet and simple.

It is an island that values honesty, loyalty and above all else self-pride. You can see it in the faces of the immaculately groomed, uniformed school children who wave back at every admiring passerby. You can see it in the careful preparation of every dish that is set before you. And you can see it in the warm and welcoming smiles that greet you wherever you go.

You’ll also love the sense of brotherhood, of community, and of mutual respect. All sisters and brothers on St. Kitts. All with a common identity and a shared history of working the fields of sugarcane together, side-by-side, for over 350 yrs.

If history is your love, you’ll have a very busy stay un-covering the roots of Judaism, Free Masonry and the many forms of Christianity that shaped the moral fiber of this peaceful island. Then there are the innovations that led St.Kitts to become the world leader in sugar cane cultivation, and an inspiration for the industrial revolution in the process.

You’ll love the stories, too. Of how the island got its name and how St. Kitts came to be called the cradle of abolition. How a former slave ship captain turned preacher inspired the writing of Amazing Grace. And how Christopher Columbus was so taken by the island’s natural beauty and saintly shape that he named the island after the patron saint of all travelers, St. Christopher. Little did he know that the baptismal name he so reverently bestowed upon the island would be affectionately shortened to St. Kitts somewhere along the course of island history.

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