Weddings & Honeymoons

Couples looking to have a romantic tropical wedding - whether in a historic church for a religious ceremony, on a white sandy beach or in historic ruins - will find St. Kitts an absolutely perfect choice.

Unique Wedding Spots

Whatever your choice, St. Kitts has a wedding for you - from historic churches, to estate inns; from tropical gardens to exotic gazebos or beaches. And there is no need for expensive manmade decorations, nature provides its own inimitable and breathtaking backdrop. Here are just a few of the unique and beautiful wedding locations available to you on St.Kitts.


Romney Manor

is a tropical plantation garden located about 6 miles west of Basseterre. The grounds of Romney Manor are well-maintained and always full of color. The centre-piece of the lower level of the garden is a spreading 350-year-old Saman Tree, in whose shade many a couple have exchanged their wedding vows. The middle level is a manicured lawn surrounded by orchids, flowering shrubs and an elegant traveler's palm. Still higher up, many tropical flowers bloom around a small water fountain and ruins of a sugar estate tower.

The total effect is tranquil and magical.


Brimstone Hill

is ideally suited for those who love history with a touch of 18th century military flair. The fortress, about ten miles from Basseterre, sits atop a hill with a commanding view of the Caribbean Sea on one side, its cannons pointed outwards to protect the island from naval attack. Nowadays, it is all peace and quiet and the perfect vantage point for magnificent scenery. On the opposite side, the National Park slopes majestically upwards in various shades of green as the forest thickens toward the mountaintop.

Ottley's Plantation Inn

features beautiful grounds in a historic setting with magical view at Ottley's Plantation Inn. Includes full-service/detailed on-site wedding planner, numerous wedding locations around the 35 acre property. This is the perfect location for an intimate and memorable event.


Turtle Beach

is recommended for the many visitors whose mental picture of the Caribbean is one of a white sand beach: and whose dreams of exchanging their vows with the gentle waves of the sea lapping at their ankles. Turtle Beach is situated near the end of the southeast peninsula, about 7 miles from Basseterre. The Peninsula itself is an ecological contrast to the rest of St. Kitts. Its dry rolling hills are sparsely covered with shrubs. Here and there are salt ponds and mangrove swamps. Turtle Beach looks across the two-mile Narrows Strait to the sister island of Nevis.

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