Culture & History

In the middle of it all - The peaceful calm of St. Kitts suggests nothing of the extraordinary history of the island.  For centuries, St. Kitts occupied a critical position in the European struggle for the islands of the West Indies, which were rich with sugar plantations and were considered the gateway to the Caribbean.  As a result, the struggles and conflicts in and around St. Kitts shaped much of the history of the entire Caribbean.

Our National Museum

With the full support and encouragement of the St. Christopher National Trust (SCNT), 2002 saw the official opening of our National Museum in the Old Treasury building. Erected in 1894. this proud building served as the gateway to the city of Basseterre for decades and housed many ministries and departments of government over the years. Today it is one of our most important historical and architectural monuments. In 2008, displays were expanded and rearranged to further forge our island's identity and strengthen national pride among our citizens. One new display commemorates the 25th Anniversary of our independence.